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[Full list of all involved in kidnapping of my little boy, will be up soon!]


"May GOD have mercy on our Souls for what we have allowed." #RCE2016


Satanic Illuminati Child Sacrifice Ritual Castle       Satanic Illuminati Child Sacrifice Ritual Castle Entrance

Mind Control The Occult Child Manipulation and the Walt DisneyAgenda!!            The Perverted Disney Empire Illuminati Exposed!Boycott Disney
















[ True Story Coming Soon to this Website! ]

[Full list of all involved in kidnapping of my little boy, will be uploaded soon!]

The true story of a 9 yr old boy who was kidnapped from his loving Mother in 1987 en Los Angeles, California, by a Walt Disney executive, homosexual pedophile stranger, who literally got away with the kidnapping for 10 solid years, the entire time, torturing and abusing the sweet, innocent child, while keeping him from his loving family. This then, Walt Disney Executive kept my baby high on drugs and booze simply to be able to keep him quiet as he touched him, sexually.
I know this story to be true because,
I AM that loving Mother of that sweet, precious little boy, Brock.

"I'm ready to tell our story to the World, with my Son's Blessing and may GOD's Perfect Will Be Done"  Reverend Roxine Cherie' Evans - USA

"We're Gonna Tell On You All!"

Disney Exec Kidnapped My Little Boy

In 1987, I trusted a Walt Disney Executive and his son, Matthew, then 18, with the very life of my little 9 year old son for a few days at their lovely Hollywood Hills home. I did not know that the (then) Disney Executive was a homosexual and a pedophile who, just a few months after the kidnapping, was awarded the "Father Of The Year Award" that was gladly presented to him, on the Dolly Parton Show, in 1987.

"I gave my baby to a child molester" rce


PSALM 35:8 - "Let destruction come upon him unexpectedly, And let his net that he has hidden catch himself; Into that very destruction let him fall."



    Gordon Weaver - Homosexual, Pedophile, Kidnapper, Liar & Thief
    Former VP of Young & Rubicam (Manhattan, NY) and former VP of Advertising at
    the Walt Disney Corporation (Burbank, California)

    Now Hiding Out In Mexico as Scott Michael Long.

[A former executive at the Paramount Pictures Corporation has pleaded guilty to charges arising from a scheme to extort kickbacks from vendors who did business with the company.]
    The executive, Gordon Weaver of Los Angeles, pleaded guilty on Tuesday in Federal court
    in Manhattan to filing a false tax return for 1983, in which he failed to report
    as income kickbacks of cash and property he received from vendors.
    Paramount Pictures is a unit of Paramount Communications Inc., formerly known as
    Gulf and Western Inc. Mr. Weaver, 52 years old, was president of marketing
    at Paramount from 1982 until 1984, when the company asked him to
    step down after an internal investigation of the kickback scheme.

    The United States Attorney's office in Manhattan said Mr. Weaver faced a maximum
    sentence of three years in prison and fines of up to $10,000. Federal prosecutors said
    Mr. Weaver admitted receiving money and the use of a home from vendors.]

    *...where he held my baby hostage there in 1990*


"I miss you, mommy"
"I love you, mommy"
"Why don't you steal me back, mommy"
"He made me promise never to tell, mommy"
"The man who lives with him now is dirty and he smells, mommy"
"He keeps taking me to school the wrong way and it's the long way, mommy"
"He makes me call him, dad, mommy"
"He hurt me, mommy"
"He threw me to the floor after he hit me, mommy"
"He showed me books with pictures of naked men having sex with other men, mommy"
"He keeps giving me medicine, mommy"
"There is no GOD, mommy"

Child Kidnapped and Tortured for 10 Years By Then Walt Disney Executive in 1987    Child Kidnapped and Tortured for 10 Years By Then Walt Disney Executive in 1987
My Little Boy 2 Years Before The Kidnapping

News Link Here  [Former Paramount Pictures Executive Pleads: Gordon Weaver, 52, of Los Angeles, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Manhattan in 1990-91 to filing a false 1983 tax return that failed to report as income kickbacks of cash and property from vendors. Weaver was president of marketing at Paramount from 1982 until 1984. He faces up to three years in prison and $10,000 in fines. Weaver has indicated that he would not contest government evidence that the kickbacks totaled about $70,000 in 1983 and 1984. Stephen Rose, Paramount's former marketing vice president, and Spiros Angelikas, a vendor, previously pleaded guilty to income tax charges.

These diabolical maniacs had my little boy, in that house, while they were commiting other terrible crimes!!

satanic hand sign

Matthew Weaver kidnapped my little, innocent boy and took him to his dad, Gordon Weaver, who raped my baby for 10 solid years!! Click on his picture above and listen to his useless chatter.

    News Link Here

    [Matthew Weaver, one of the producers of the Broadway hit 'Rock of Ages,'…Leave it to Weaver & his gay dad Gordon Weaver (not the famous Author - Gordon Weaver) Monday, January 09, 2012 One of the producers of the Broadway hit “Rock of Ages” now wants to turn his attention to Pop.  Matthew Weaver says that, after much soul-searching, he’s ready to tell the story of being raised in the 1970s and ’80s by his openly gay father, former Paramount Pictures marketing chief Gordon Weaver.  “It’s a little ‘Auntie Mame,’ a little ‘La Cage Aux Folles’ and a little ‘Kramer vs. Kramer,’” says Matthew, who explains that it was practically “unheard of” for an openly gay man to be raising an 8year-old boy then.]

Matthew Weaver - Kidnapper

News Link Here  [1.9.2012 BY OUT.COM EDITORS -  Matthew Weaver wants to bring his own story to the stage Rock Of Ages producer Matthew Weaver’s next project is going to be even gayer than his long-running rock ‘n’ roll musical, which is about to become a movie starring Tom Cruise. How is that possible, you ask? Weaver is reportedly working on a project about being raised by his gay dad. “It’s a little Auntie Mame, a little La Cage Aux Folles and a little Kramer vs. Kramer,” Weaver tells the New York Daily News of the project, which he’s considering turning into a movie or stage production. Weaver plans on recounting his life with dad Gordon Weaver, a one-time marketing executive for Paramount Pictures, including tales of pop showing up to soccer games in a fur coat, family trips to Fire Island and limo rides to Studio 54. Weaver, who recently emailed his dad’s pals to try and set up interviews with them, says, “We’re willing to show the warts and all. It's a great story with a beautiful message, but it's got its ups and downs.”

News Link Here - Father Figures  Broadway Producer Creating TV Show About The Most Fabulous Gay Dad Ever    There are many things that would draw us to a TV show about a gay dad raising his 8-year-old son in the late ’70s and early ’80s, even if it was based on a relatively unglamorous father. But Broadway producer Matthew Weaver wants to make the queer-papa show of our dreams, based on his fabulous father, Gordon Weaver, the head of international marketing for Paramount Pictures in the 1980s. Matthew, who produced the successful theater hit Rock of Ages, tells the Daily News that the show will be “a little Auntie Mame, a little La Cage Aux Folles and a little Kramer vs. Kramer.” Sounds a bit like Beginners, doesn’t it? Throw in a dose of AbFab and we’re sold.

Among the fabulous anecdotes Matthew shares about his pops: *Gordon came to his ex-wife’s house in a limousine to take custody of Matthew. After explaining what homosexuality was to his son, they went straight to Fire Island—where Gordon was judging a drag-queen contest, natch.*Gordon wore mink coats to Matthew’s soccer games.*Gordon would walk down the street holding hands with his boyfriend, telling Matthew, “if I didn’t like it, I could walk on the other side of the street.” Sigh, gay dads nowadays aren’t nearly as fierce.   Full Story Here

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